Norfolk Bankruptcy, Family, Estate & Ellen Carlson

Overwhelmed? Need a fresh start?  

Ellen Carlson provides skilled bankruptcy and family law representation throughout the Tidewater and Hampton Roads.  She uses her substantive knowledge of  law in the following and related areas to help you overcome your biggest challenges and re-set your life’s course for success and security.

  • Bankruptcy – Debtors, creditors and other parties in interest
  • Family Law – Custody, visitation, and support
  • Separation and Divorce –  a minefield for the unwary
    • Military/Civil Service Divorce  – complex issues need an experienced hand to make sure you leave nothing on the table
    • Collaborative Practice –using collaboratively-trained mental health and financial planning professionals to reach mutually-beneficial  resolution on parenting and property decisions
  • Mediation  Services –  getting to ‘yes’ in even the most challenging disagreements using a 3d party neutral to facilitate the discussion
  • Pre-marital Agreements  – every successful enterprise sets up with a defined exit strategy
  • Powers of Attorney – avoiding guardianships/conservatorships when your loved one suddenly can’t cope anymore
  • Wills, Trusts and Life Planning  – do YOUR family members know how you want to wind up your affairs and wind down your life?  Do you know how to have that discussion with them. . .instead of leaving your loved ones not only with the heartbreak of losing you but also with the chaos of an unplanned exit.                  Tibetan Proverb

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